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Great Deal for a 60 mins Couple / Duo Hot Stone Massage: only $139 for two in the same room by end of November  2017





Couple / Duo

Package of



Package of



J.French Signture Swedish / Aromatherapy / deep tissue massage


(RMT Receipt is not provided)

$75 / 60mins

$90 / 75mins

$105 / 90mins


$135 / 60mins

$162 / 75mins

$189 / 90mins


$390 / 6 hours 

($65 / hour)

$600 / 10 hours 

($60 / hour)

J.French signature Hot stone massage


(RMT Receipt is not provided)

$80 / 60mins

$95 / 75mins

$110 / 90mins

$144 / 60mins

$171 / 75mins

$198 / 90mins

$408 / 6 hours 


$640 / 10 hours 



All our Massage therapy practitioners are well trained . They manipulate the system's soft tissue with their fingers, palms, thumbs and arms, place pressure on key points of the body to reduce pain and stress in body muscles. Massage therapy aids the skeletal system by increasing the circulation of nutrients to joints. Our different massage therapy techniques respond to the different needs of each individual patient/client by improving blood circulation, encouraging the lymphatic system, diminishing muscle and nerve pains,

Massage therapy restores calm, increase circulation, diminish muscle aches and give that wonderful sense of well-being. Our offerings include hot stone, deep tissue, aromatherapy. For a relaxing and romantic indulgence, Couples Massages and packages are available and provided in couples rooms.

Our essential Summerhill spa specialty massage incorporates Swedish and Deep Tissue technique. Swedish Massage Therapy is a five motion technique that involves the use of hands, forearms, elbows to help increase blood circulation, relax the body and decrease stress on muscles,  while Deep Tissue massage therapy, uses a low pace of strokes and acute pressure to focus on deep tissues of tense muscles, tendons and ligaments. J.French Beauty & spa offers 60 or 90 minute sessions to relieve back aches and muscle pains.

Detailed Description Swedish: Our massage therapist staff shall consult with the client to discuss problem areas and any other preferences the client might have.

Our Hot stone massage uses warm basalt stones on strategic points of the body to help relax the body and the mind. This type of therapy is ideal to cure certain mental health issues like insomnia, depression and anxiety. Hot stone therapy helps in physical pain relief. The strategically places hot stone helps to improve blood circulation, oxygen and nutrient flow.